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22k Gold Plated Rising Sun Earrings

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An ode to the fierce and flaming. To valor, resolute and firm. An ode to you- untamed as the rising sun. A piece of art gently crafted to meet the wild soul within. 

Choose your shine and embrace your sparkle with one of our celestial pieces. 

Pick the fiery pendant to go with these earrings, here.

The Trishona Edge

  • Sun Earrings
  • High-quality brass with 22k gold plating
  • Handcrafted by our fine karigars in Jaipur
  • Softened at the edges, gentle on the skin


80 mm x 60 mm

Shipping & Returns 

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  • 7 days return- no questions asked

If you wish for us to create a design to fit your style and taste, please reach out to us at and let our designers breathe life into your story. 

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