The Beginning

Trishona is Sanskrit for a wish, a desire. Trishona is an aspiration, crafted into a gentle piece of finest jewelry-inspired from the metals of Earth, the sentiments of nature and an innate urge to create designs that are free of labels. We spell raw and also refined, we etch contemporary as we do timeless, we craft precision as we do artisanal.

Our story is synonymous with our name, echoing our ethos in an interwoven chain of design stories that are integral, seamless and a part of your own self. Liberated, simplified, uncompromising, interconnected, inclusive, boundless, starkly honest and pure.

Trishona was born out of the profound wish to rewrite the language of jewelry as we know it, bringing the global and blending it with the Indian, blurring all boundaries. An attempt to bring to you pieces that aren’t just made every day and are a labor of love. Created by a team that has spent years understanding the depth of design stories and have come together to craft fine, minimalist and one of a kind metallic jewelry that’s select.