Jewelry Care


Each piece of jewelry crafted at Trishona is a piece of art made with love. Some of them are handcrafted while some are precision engineered, a beautiful amalgamation of our love for intricate craftsmanship and near flawless minimalist stories.

Most of our jewelry is crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, while some design tales are wrapped in 22K gold plating. So what kind of love do these pieces need to shine on?


  • Our jewlery pieces are sturdy yet gentle, hence you would need to ensure that they are not in direct contact of perfumes, body lotions, makeup, sunscreens or even sanitizers.
  • Please remove them before you step into the shower, hit the gym or dive into a swimming pool.
  • It’s advisable to store them in an air tight pouch or Ziplock bag for a long lasting sheen to the metal.


  • Hold them with tender care and love, please avoid scratching the surface of the jewelry.
  • Clean the jewelry post usage with a Hagerty silver cloth or any soft cloth specific for jewelry. Alternatively, you could also use a soft tissue to gently wipe the silver of any smudges.
  • When storing your jewelry, please make sure to use Trishona’s anti tarnish strip as the companion. It will provide protection to the shine of the silver for a longer duration.

The jewelry at Trishona is specially created for you, we shape your desires into pieces of art. Now all you need to do is, embrace, wear and flaunt them. Oh and yes, just a little bit of gentle love and care.