Minimalist Jewelry Designs in 925 Sterling Silver

The Minimalist Theory

 (Every week, we at Team Trishona will be breaking down the story of our origin and taking you, our muses, one step closer into our lives, our romance with jewelry, our creations and the family we are building. This week, it’s a topic close to hear- minimalist jewelry.)

‘Less is more’- the golden words of our century. Are you smitten by minimalism as much as we are? There is an innate sentiment of romance in a world of design stories conceptualised around the core idea of minimalism. When Trishona was still in the stage of ideation, when all we could think of was art and creation ( sales and marketing tucked away in desolate corners of our minds) and our hearts swayed with ideas, while we contended over many design stories but one concept always found a yes in unison- the theory of minimalism.

A statement in art

Minimalism, a word used aplenty in the world of today. From a clutter free, easy and free lifestyle, minimalism has transcended boundaries to a state of mind, a sense of design and an aesthetic lens that looks at creativity with simplicity albeit in depth. And, while the stories remained the same, our silhouetted transformed. What do we mean when we say minimalist jewelry?

These are design stories which are simplified, from neat clear lines, easy geometrical inspiration to neutral color gradients. It’s subtle and easy on the eye, works at adding a touch of style but without undermining the wearer or wearer’s style. For us, it’s about designs which embrace who you are and blend it to become a part of you. Our karigars have generously translated this ethos into the pieces they create, with precision.


The Minimalist Classics

The classics rule the roost, all we do is reimagine them. The minimalist earrings.

We converted the quintessential medium hoop into a half hoop with a single stone to sparkle, the huggie earrings turned vintage with just the right touch of hammering, and the ear hugging hoops moved on into a swirling story. Each of them picked from an eclectic pedestal of occasional fashion to contemporary everyday wear, fit for the personas we aim to style.

The Layer Saga

As we indulged in these stories, we wondered about the oh so simple ring- from a single band that can lovingly entwine lives together to a sturdy rock that can set hearts soaring. On a bright near sunset evening, as we sat in our studio mulling over enameling a ring, the doors of our minds opened up to layering. Out came our stackable story, rings that could breathe life into your outfit as a single piece and add a whole new page in spunk when layered up. We paired it up for our video meetings and also wore it for brunches, one of us even wore a single band for a sleepover. Versatility be its middle name.




Entanglement to Interlinked

Trishona’s ethos of interconnectedness shines through in signature pieces created by our artists with accuracy through precision engineering.  Minimalist bracelets that broke stereotypes, smashed the status quo and changed the meaning of ‘entanglement’. For our hearts, we no longer hesitated in choose if we wanted to look at our entangled selves as interlinked, by shapes unseen and unknown. Seeping into our design tales, our curated bracelets and neck pieces speak the story of togetherness, connected, in the continuum.




And at Trishona, theory of minimalism, continues….


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