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925 Sterling Silver Citrine Pendant

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A hint of the shimmering earth, like the sun shining on the coastline, this cut Citrine gemstone reflects happiness and so does this pendant crafted in 925 Sterling Silver.

Pair it up with our Anchor neck chain in 925 Sterling Silver, you can pick it up here.

The Trishona Edge

  • Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver
  • Studded with Citrine
  • Created by our fine karigars in Jaipur


10 x 7 mm

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  • 7 days return- no questions asked

Disclaimer- The neck chain used is only used for photographic purposes and is not included in the product.

You could buy our 925 Sterling Silver Anchor Neck Chain separately to pair up with the pendant, here.

Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver

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